CCGrass, A leading artificial turf supplier:

There are many artificial turf supplier companies all around the world, but the CCGrass has its uniqueness. Different suppliers give their services to customers all around the world. Some suppliers are local, i.e., they only sell turf near their cities. Some are national-level suppliers who give their services countrywide. But some have their business at a mass scale and work at an international level. These companies have considerable investments and can go to any extent to provide excellent customer service.

Moreover, these multinational companies also do not compromise on the quality of the turf. CCGrass is an international turf manufacturing company that provides its services in more than 140 countries. It has an annual capacity of more than 90,000,000 square meters of manufacturing turf. CCGrass has provided services to athletic and household customers for over 15 years, and It is one of the leading international turf manufacturing companies that believes in innovation. The working professionals of more than 4000 provide the best solution to a problem by innovating new ideas. Let’s discuss football turfs to have a better understanding of synthetic grass.

Football turfs:

As far as the products of CCGrass are concerned, it has a variety. Working professionals can make high-quality football, tennis, hockey, padel, landscape, and multi-sport turfs. The football turf of CCGrass is certified by FIFA, where a high-quality product is required. From this fact, it can conclude that CCGrass never compromises on the quality of the product. So it is preferred in such worldwide tournaments. CCGrass has more than 350 FIFA-certified fields. Not only in FIFA, but the clubs like Championship Winning Chelsea, and Olympiacos CFP, also uses the turfs of CCGrass. The tournaments like FIFA U-15 world cup, FIFA U-20 world cup, 2015 Summer Universiade, 2017 Summer Universiade, and Homeless world cup also use the turfs of CCGrass. It means that in more than FIFA football fields, the turf of CCGrass is used. Due to the best quality, it has much demand for football turf. It can be realized from the fact that it produces four full-size football ground turfs daily. CCGrass also provides synthetic grass for all levels of football matches. The specifications for FIFA turfs are such that it has a ball roll of 4 to 8 meters, vertical ball rebound of 0.6 to 0.85 meters, shock absorption ranges from 62% to 68%, and skin friction of 0.35 to 0.75.

Hockey Turfs

CCGrass also provides hockey turfs. In FIH tournaments, the turfs of CCGrass are usually preferred. CCGrass makes hockey turfs that meet the requirements of International Hockey Federation standards. These standards demand turf with an appropriate sand and water ratio. This is required to comfort the player while playing on the turf. The best quality hockey turf is of CCGrass as it has the certifications of the International Hockey Federation from all over the world. The turf is tested after it is manufactured to check its quality. The turf manufactured by CCGrass provides reasonable stick control, appropriate stiffness, best foot interaction, and a faster game.



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