How to Make Your Acrylic Bar Cart Look Like a Million Bucks?

By now, acrylic has made its way into almost every facet of our lives—from the smartphone screen in our hands to the eyeglasses perched on our noses. And it’s no wonder why we’re obsessed: The versatile material is strong yet lightweight, elegant yet understated. Whether you’re overflowing with liquor bottles or just want a sleek way to serve guest drinks, this cart is sure to impress. Plus, it’s easy to style and customize to your taste. Here’s how to make your acrylic bar cart look like a million bucks.

5 Tips to Style Your Acrylic Bar Cart

Choose Your Color Palette 

When styling an acrylic bar cart, the first step is to choose your color palette. You want to create a mood and stick with it. While this doesn’t mean that all of your items need to be in the same color family, it does mean that there needs to be some consistency between the pieces you choose. Start by picking one main color and then build out from there with accent colors. This will help ensure everything looks cohesive and pleasing to the eye.

Mix Up Textures

When styling an acrylic bar cart, don’t forget about texture! Mixing up different textures helps give your bar cart dimension and depth and can add interest to any space. Consider adding velvet pillows, wicker baskets, metallic trays, and other interesting materials into the mix. The key here is not to overdo it – too many textures can make things feel cluttered rather than stylish and chic.

Add Some Greenery

Adding plants or flowers can bring a bar cart alive! If you don’t have a green thumb (or if you just don’t have time for live plants), faux succulents are always a great choice – they look realistic but require zero maintenance! If you decide on real plants, try adding small potted cacti or herbs for a pop of green without taking up too much space on your cart.

Add in Some Personal Touches

When styling an acrylic bar cart, it’s important to add some personal touches that make your space uniquely you. Consider adding pictures, candles, vases of flowers, or other items with special meaning. This will help give your bar cart a more personal and inviting feel.

Keep Everything Organized

Last but not least, remember to keep your bar cart neat and organized! Whether you choose to store everything inside your cart or on top of it, make sure that you have a place for everything and keep things organized so that your bar cart always looks its best.


With these tips in mind, styling an acrylic bar cart like a pro should be easy as pie! Remember – when it comes to creating an aesthetically pleasing space, all you need is creativity, some fun pieces, and of course – good taste! So go ahead and give it a shot – who knows? You may find yourself becoming an interior design expert in no time at all!



Burton is a creative problem solver and experienced strategist with a passion for bringing people together to do great things. He loves working with teams to develop new ideas and strategies, and has a particular interest in human-centered design and how it can be used to create positive change in the world.

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